Love your heart, Live your purpose


Do you:

Yearn to feel passionate, inspired and empowered?

long for a deep sense of happiness and peace?

feel you are on your path but need some mentoring and support?

ache for a feeling of deep love and contentment?

then you are in the right place.

My name is Soleil and I specialize in

self -  empowerment mentoring.


I will help you fully fall in love with you and connect deeply to your heart and soul so you can live your purpose and passion, and find that peace, love and contentment you have always searched for, from within yourself.

I LOVE THIS WORK because I am passionate about seeing you and everyone else blossom and be self-empowered to make the world a more loving and truly happy place. 

You are your own authority and have all the wisdom you need, we just have to uncover it together.

Let me help you find and connect with this again and liberate yourself so that you are aligned with your deepest heart and soul values and passion and living a happy and vibrant life.

I will help you gain the clarity, skills, strategies and support you need to know your path and live it to the max. I have done it myself and I will help you find YOUR way.

Miraculous things can occur when someone believes in and supports you and you believe in yourself. Watch my video for an introduction.

Many of my clients are 'successful' in their lives and able to do amazing things, but still not feeling happy or worthy.  Is that you?

What I have found over the past 30 years working with clients and from my own personal journey is that the key to living your purpose and finding peace and happiness is self empowerment, and self empowerment comes from self love.  You can watch my personal journey video by clicking here.

The Self empowerment star

The Self empowerment star

We need to re- connect to and heal our heart and live our souls purpose, in order to be happy and at peace.

I've been honored to help empower people for the past 33 years of my life and wish for all of humanity to live from a loving and self-empowered place. A loving heart means no more animal cruelty, family violence and war. That is truly what I aim for.  

Visit my empower page to read more about my programs and services and please feel free to watch my video where I talk more about the importance of self love and self empowerment as key parts of living your dreams and achieving a state of happiness and peace.

I look forward to sharing in life's amazing adventure with you, love