Welcome to your beautiful heart.

You too can feel a great self love, be self-empowered and living your passions.

 It is such an honour to work with people who bare their soul and want to step into their loving power and potential. 

During the past 33years i have been doin gthis work, I have accumulated a wide variety of skills a large amount of life experience, become a published author, had my own weekly newspaper column and been on radio and TV. I had to go on my own journey too and I am here to assist you on yours. 

Its not an easy road doing life by yourself and this is why we all need someone. Someone to help us remember and someone to believe in us. Someone who has gone where you want to go, come out the other side and can help guide you through.

I have been on wild ride, gained many skills, experiences, insights and wisdom, healed from traumas, faced death head on on a number of occasions and uncovered how to become self- empowered.

For those of you interested in Formal qualifications and experience.. here are a few of mine:

  • Qualified as a counsellor 1983 and as a Psychologist in 1986 and have been facilitating others into their power ever since using a blend of creative, mainstream, Buddhist, Taoist and Hawaiian principles, including symbols and music
  • Diploma of Art 1996 - I worked as an interior designer in Melbourne, paint silk, do dot paintings and mandalas
  • Diploma of Management and studied leadership as well as been a senior Army captain doing over 6 years of service
  • Trained in marketing & negotiation, and family dispute resolution
  • Certified in Colour Therapy, Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine in 1990
  • Qualified Massage practitioner - sports and hawaiian, cranio sacral practitioner and neurostructural integration advanced practitioner and have been working in this since the year 2000
  • Qualified in workplace training and group facilitation both clinical therapeutic groups 1992 and training based
  • Coaching with compassion- compliant with the ethical guidelines of the ICF (international Coaching Federation)
  • continual student of life and my soul wisdom and lover of nature and animals to the max.

My Mission

"My mission is to help create a more loving and truly happy world" ~ Soleil

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